• Why use Kleckner and not the guy knocking on my door?

    Using a local siding and window company such as Kleckner will benefit you and your local community in many ways. Keeping business local helps pay your local taxes, feeds your neighbors and has your best interest in mind. Kleckner Siding is a stable company that can be found for years to come. "Door knocking" companies, come and go.

  • How do I get my Energy Tax Rebate?

    Your Federal Energy Tax Rebate is given to you on your federal tax return. We may be able to answer most questions about the rebate, but it is best to confirm your tax rebate with your tax preparer.

  • What makes for a good window?

    A good window is only as good as the company making it and installing it. Kleckner Siding and Windows "shops" for windows all the time. We try to make sure we are offering our customers the latest in technology relating to energy efficiency. A properly installed window also performs better than a poorly installed one. We are factory trained by our main window manufacturer, Simonton Windows.

  • What makes for a good siding job?

    Just like windows, the siding panel is only as good as the manufacturer and the installer. A good panel will be at least .044" thick. panels this thick and better are "contractors" panels. Thinner ones are used for new construction. Properly trained installers make all the difference as well. We have many years of experience and training to use on your home for a proper installation.

  • Why have I never heard of your windows?

    Manufacturers of vinyl windows spend their money on making good windows. They also spend very little in marketing. They spend some of their marketing dollars on reaching us contractors, not the homeowners. That's why most people have not heard of Simonton Windows or other manufacturers that we might suggest.

  • Are there financing opportunities?

    We take cash, personal checks, bank checks, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We will also work out a short term payment plan if you need to spread out the payments. We focus our attention on the installation work, many other companies only focus on getting as much money from you by financing.

  • Does Kleckner Siding and Windows have a "showroom"?

    Kleckner Siding and Windows is run out of a warehouse in downtown Aurora. We have a small office with some samples. We have invited customers to our office, but we prefer to bring the samples to you, where they will be installed!

  • How do I get a Free Estimate from Kleckner Siding and Windows?

    You may call us at 630-897-1538 to set up an appointment. You may also email us to set up an appointment. Most Estimates are done by taking measurements. So, we can come out and measure on weekdays, weekends, morning, noon and night!

  • What other services does Kleckner offer other than Siding and Windows?

    We would be happy to estimate your Kitchen or Bath remodel. Thinking about an addition or new garage? How about finishing that basement? We would be happy to give you an estimate for these projects as well. We work with quality contractors to complete your project on time and in the budget you set.

For a free estimate, contact us today.